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How to Stop Chasing Men and Start Choosing LOVE

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  • Is your life one crazy unfulfilling day after another and most days you’re just trying to stay above water?
  • Are you surviving yet not thriving?
  • Has your love life sucked or is sucking the life out of you?

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  • Do you know the SECRET POWER you were born with?
  • How to work with men, not against them: what really goes on in the MALE MIND (HINT: they really do want to make you happy and satisfy, cherish and adore you!)
  • The dating and RELATIONSHIP RULES that need to be broken
  • The ‘holy grail’ of orgasms and how to find and keep the right man to be BLISSED out in the bedroom
  • What the courtesans of 15th century Europe can teach a 'Modern Day FEMINIST'
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"Fiona is a wise woman! She speaks to every woman on the planet – especially to those who are strong 'alpha' types needing to cultivate more of a courtesan mindset. Fiona explains how to tune in to feminine energy, practicing emotional surrender. It’s the man’s job to give pleasure, the woman’s to let go and let the goddess evolve. She also talks about the very empowering vaginal orgasms. The pleasure of living and the pleasure of the orgasm are identical! What a delight to be pleasure-oriented, not goal-oriented. As a sex therapist and relationship counselor, I have spent three decades helping people. Now with Fiona’s book, I have another fine addition to my sexuality library. After reading “Babe In Total Control of Herself - Stop Chasing Men & Start Choosing LOVE” you’ll want to send her a thank-you note!”
Dr. Diana Wiley
Board-Certified Sex Therapist and host of the weekly internet radio show “Love, Lust, and Laughter” on PRN.
"Loved this book! It was not only interesting, informative and inspiring, it was also funny and incredibly insightful. Fiona has a very unique way of looking at women’s issues and how to make the most of our sometimes crazy and insane lives. There is another way to look at the joy of connecting and reconnecting in our relationships and even our sex lives! The chapter on being "Blissed Out in the Bedroom” was so honest, real and helpful to me that I wanted to hug her - never before have I read anything like this about sex (and I’ve read a bunch!) and would highly recommend investing in this book!”
Shannon M. McCaffery
Founder of SoulfulVisionMarketing, Morris Twp., NJ
"Babe in Total Control of Herself (B.I.T.C.H) contains nuggets of wisdom every woman should devour in the journey towards living a fully-expanded life. From relationship advice to style advice to financial advice, Fiona covers all bases. She reminds women to use their feminine power to stop living someone else's dreams...and start living their own!”
Wendy Hernandez, Phoenix, AZ
The Family Law Insider Podcast
"Fiona, I am LOVING your book! And it is such an important reminder as I had a serious rupture weekend this weekend (spent last night crying). Picking up your book this morning was VERY good for me. It reminded me that I can bring pleasure into my life NOW, no need to wait! Your book is filled with important tips, funny stories and real answers. Thanks for a great and inspiring ride.”
Miriam R, Toronto Canada
"I downloaded the book and read it! Reading it again! I love it! Thank you! I also have been getting the newsletters which are great too! You are inspiring! I truly loved the whole book! I love that you pointed out that you don't have to impress anyone but yourself and that one should be free to be themselves.”
Sara Hamilton - Ontario