Fiona Fine: Love Coach

Are You Fed Up and Frustrated That You Are Still Single?

Does Your Relationship Need a Romantic Reboot?

Do You Want More Spark, Fun and Connection In Your Life?

Imagine What You Could Create In Your Life Working with Your Own Dating/Relationship Expert …

Dear Babe In Total Control of Herself (yes that does affectionately spell B.I.T.C.H!) Would you like to literally TRANSFORM into a woman who totally understands men, understands the attraction game, always knows exactly what to say and do to SUCCEED in a relationship with an amazing man, knows her DESIRES and how to get them and who is always in CONTROL of herself, having fun and loving life?

  • Do you want to have more Fun, Connection, and Passion in your life?
  • Do you want to master Attraction, Dating and Relationship skills that will make you rejection proof?
  • Do you want to Understand Men and Stop Self-Sabotaging yourself in your relationships?

If you’re saying yes, Yes, YES, then you are exactly in the right place!

I know that women, after a certain point, often get so frustrated and feel so hopeless on how to find and stay happy and fulfilled in a relationship or even in the dating process. Your pilot light gets dimmed and the flame dies down. You become confused, angry and frustrated by what to do next and how to get out of the rut of dating or out of your passionless, unfulfilling relationship. Yet if your fear, uncertainty and doubt were removed, you would soar. You know that and I know that!

I am here to tell you Happiness, Joy and Love are your birthright!
Yes that's why I'm here. I help you to step into your birthright and create YOUR own EPIC LOVE STORY!

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"Even as a Sexuality, Hormone and Nutrition Advisor, I recently felt ill-equipped to handle my own relationship issues. Fiona coached me through the most challenging heart-break of my life and patiently guided me step by step to come to understand what was IN my control and what was NOT in my control. She also helped me find the learning and growth that was only possible from moving through the heartbreak. Now, as I a navigate a new relationship, Fiona has once again coached me to have a bigger vision of what is possible, not to live in judgement and be clear in what really IS. Fiona truly understands the differences between men and women and is able to convey this in meaningful, useful ways. No BS, ever, yet always compassionate and wise! I have found a ton of value and comfort in knowing that she is there as my guide and sounding board."
Camille Lawson
Hormones, Sexuality & Health Advisor •
"What a wonderful conversation we had last week! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Later that day I got a text from a guy I was interested in wanting to see me and so I invited him to an event. I can see now this is the beginning of a possibility. Woo hoo. It felt good to be with a man again knowing he was interested in me. I allowed myself to receive throughout the evening. It was fun and we will be seeing each other again. Slowly does it …!"
Gail Scott
February 3, 2015
"Fiona has such a gift of taking the BS out of my vocabulary, she transforms my ‘story’ and focuses on my truth! I was feeling confused and not having any fun right now in life and after speaking to her, I have concrete to do’s that really work for me and I feel clearer and way more focused and positive. I am definitely back on my goddess shoes!” (12/9/11) Update 9, 2014: “Fiona…I am getting married!!! I wish you could join us at my Bachelorette Party – some of my friends could do with your expertise!"
Margaret Romero, NYC
Nurse Practitioner, Founder: Sleek Sexy Strong
"Want to really know what is going on in your relationships? Want to hear the straight truth (which is often bold yet totally compassionate) a key element of becoming “unstuck” in your relationship? Need someone to help you see through the foggy complexity of relationship issues? Fiona has an uncanny ability to understand and appreciate what is at the core of relationship dynamics and is wonderfully effective at coaching you through them!"
Sandy Rutherford (2010)

Tangible Benefits From Private Coaching With Me

You Will Learn:

  • How to meet and attract men that are your level or higher - in fact how to date and keep a 10 if that is what you truly want!!
  • How to discover the SECRET POWER you were born with!
  • How to work with men, not against them and what really goes on in the male mind (HINT: they really do want to make you happy and satisfy, cherish and adore you!)
  • The dating and relationship rules that NEED to be broken.
  • The GIFT of ATTRACTION you were born with that you may not even be using.
  • How to design your life so success with a man will happen for you automatically.
  • The ‘holy grail’ of orgasms and how to find and keep the right man to be BLISSED out in the bedroom.
  • What the courtesans of 15th century Europe can teach a modern day feminist…
  • How to balance and harmonize your masculine and your feminine traits to get what you want and need.
  • How to go from novice dating to being a natural when it comes to dating men.

PLUS... we will:

  • Reduce your stress and overwhelm with dating or with the existing relationship in your life.
  • Create less confusion and angst over creating and living in the relationship of your dreams.
  • Show you how to ELIMINATE the deep, unconscious limiting beliefs and programming that have been preventing your success and getting in the way of your epic love story.
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